Hurricane Ana Re-Cap

20 Oct Hurricane Ana Re-Cap





At 6:30 AM on Sunday morning, the center of Hurricane Ana was 90 miles directly south of Poipu, so I
grabbed the camera and went down to the beach to see what was happening.  Here are some clips at
7 AM in front of the Kiahuna Plantation and the Poipu Beach Park.  The winds were a gusty 20-25 MPH,
and the waves were a gnarly 10 foot +.  The weather service was predicting the storm to move slowly to
the West so we weren’t too worried about a direct impact, just the outer periphery of the storm with the
potential of 40-50 MPH gusts.  You’ll note at the 00:29 mark of the video where a palm frond breaks off
and falls like a spear just 35 feet from Fernando, the Kiahuna security guard who is putting up the beach
warning sign:


In this satellite picture at 6:30 on Sunday Morning you can see the round circle of the
closed eye of the Hurricane that is bigger than our island:

ANASundaymoring-523x364 (1)

All’s well that ends well, and now on Monday morning the waves are a tiny 1-2 feet and the winds are calm.
Many thanks to the University of Hawaii Department of Meteorology for the satellite pictures and keeping us
well informed as the storm progressed.

Here is a satellite picture at 9:00 AM on Monday morning:

Monday morning