Snorkeling in Poipu

28 Aug Snorkeling in Poipu


One of the best things about Poipu is the clear blue ocean water.
There are some great spots to snorkel, and you’ll usually be able
to see an abundance of tropical fish.  A few years ago we made an
underwater film and here is a trailer with some action.  In it you’ll see a Turtle, Wrasses, including
the endemic Saddle Wrasse, and the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse.  Uhu, Manini, Moorish Idols,Tangs,
Surgeonfish, Damselfish, and even an elusive Omilu on the prowl.   One of the best spots to snorkel
is right in front of the lifeguard stand at the Poipu Beach Park.  In fact, most of this footage is taken
right there by the sand spit known as the tombola.

And remember, always check with the lifeguard before entering the water here on Kauai.