No Moo in Poi Poo

06 Mar No Moo in Poi Poo

A grass fed dairy is being proposed for acreage leased from Grove Farm and over behind Mahalepu.  Residents of Poipu are up in arms about the possibility of odor wafting in on our tropical breezes.   It would just be about 2.5 mile upwind from the Hyatt.   It will be modeled after the New Zealand pastoral dairy system. Six groups of 300 to 330 cows will rotate through their own set of 18 pastures over 18 days, allowing even application of manure for proper fertilization and wastewater management, the company said.

Poipu resident Jean-Marie Josselin, chef and co-owner of Josselin’s Tapas Bar and Grill at the Shops at Kukuiula, said he has lived on the island for over 30 years and is “100 percent in support of the project,” because it would help encourage local agriculture and foster food independence. When in operation, the dairy is expected to double the statewide local milk production with 3.7 million gallons per year.

Other folks are concern with the potential for odor and for run off affecting the pristine Mahalepu coastline.  The No MOO in Poi POO bumper stickers are already starting to show up.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.