Kauai Real Estate News 2012

11 Jan Kauai Real Estate News 2012

In 2012 Kauai saw 5 sales in which the listing price was $8,000,000 or more.  Three of these listings actually sold for $4,000,000 and under.  That is less than $.50 on the dollar for these properties and all were sold at auction.  The other two sales were for a oceanview home and oceanfront property.  We have not seen the high end return like the other island.  However this is progress.  I expect 2013 to have more high end sales without such steep discounts.

254714 LND S 4-5-2-5-36 FS $8,500,000 23.80 ac
SOLD 6/28/2012 for $4,180,000 (CASH)
258835 LND S 4-5-5-5-9 FS $15,000,000 1.07 ac
SOLD 12/27/2012 for $13,350,000 (CASH)
254716 RES S 4-5-2-5-32 FS $8,500,000 5.33 ac 947 1/2.00
SOLD 9/14/2012 for $3,822,500 (CASH)
254715 RES S 4-5-2-5-33 FS $8,500,000 5.03 ac 500 1/1.00
SOLD 9/14/2012 for $3,822,500 (CASH)
259612 RES S 4-5-3-3-41 FS $10,000,000 5.0090 ac 6,239 5/6.02

Inter Island Fares too high

Also it is now a fact that it is cheaper to fly to the mainland then it is to fly inter island.  Here is a new cheap flight site that seems to have great deals.  How can Hawaiian charge less to fly to San Francisco than to Maui.  Alaska Air and Southwest will be changing the face of Island travel and, I for one, am so ready.

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