Kauai Increases Real Estate Taxes

13 Dec Kauai Increases Real Estate Taxes

Kauai is the home of the tax scrooge. Many of you Kauai owners have been in contact with me about the increase in value of your properties for this tax season. Who would have thought values had gone up when everything else in down. I think that some of you should dispute this tax increase with comparables of your own. Some of Kiahuna values went up by a third and the state appraiser using Waikomo Stream comps. They are increasing the value of the land but not using sales comps. Even in Kiahuna the increase was not property wide. Just certain phases. I think personally that an appeal of this increase is justified.

Kukuiula land values also went up and that is bad for them as they are located in a CFD, Community Facilities District, and the taxes on land are doubled. I know that the state needs money but so do the property owners. Feel free to email me and I will give you the most recent comps to sales in your area here on Kauai.