Pill Mill closed on Kauai

07 Feb Pill Mill closed on Kauai

Darrin Shapiro, seven time world champion wake boarder, has been arrested and his pill mill in Kapaa shut down.  I didn’t know wake boarding could be such a painful sport.  However opening a  “pain management clinic” can be very good for your bottom line.  As reported in the Garden Island, Darrin, his mother, father and brother are all involved in clinics, one here and two or more in Florida. Here is how it works.  You go to the clinic for $175 for the first visit and $150 for subsequent visits, cash or credit card only. Hmmmmm.  One clinic in Florida was seeing 70 patients a day, no examine necessary.  Let’s do the math.  70 patients a day times $175 per visit times 5 days a week times 52 weeks = $3,185,000 per year and that is not counting cost of buying the drugs.  Three clinics makes a fairly good living of about $10 million a year.  Cash or credit card please.  “Drug agents said the Shapiros’ clinic bore signs of being a pill mill because of the long lines reaching around the block, patients who are known drug users and dealers, armed guards and no visible medical instruments in the office. ”  Lines out the door and armed guards does seem suspicious for a doctor’s office.  I would have to agree.  According to this report  the two Florida clinics prescribed over 500,000 oxycodone pills in just 3 months. That number of pills are more than all oxycondon pills prescribed in all of  California for the whole year. Kauai Medical Group wouldn’t send patients there. Pharmacist started to refuse to fill prescriptions from the clinic here and finally there were demonstrations in front of the clinic by local high schools students protesting it existence in the community.  I say good riddance to Darrin Shapiro, his family and his pain clinic.  I think Kauai is better off without them.