JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines ink partnership deal

04 Feb JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines ink partnership deal

This is great news for Hawaii residents and visitors alike.

I am hoping for lower airfares  with this involvement with Jet Blue.

JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines ink partnership deal.

Rouge Hawaiian Monk Seal captured

Federal officials are moving a Hawaiian monk seal from the wild and giving him a temporary home in Honolulu to protect other members of the critically endangered species.

The seal known as KE18 attacked 10 of the 13 pups born at Kure Atoll this year. Two of the victims are missing and believed dead.

Charles Littnan, lead scientist for the Hawaiian monk seal recovery program, said Friday KE18 can’t be returned to the wild without risking future generations of seals.

KE18 is now at the Waikiki Aquarium. Later this month, he’s expected to move to a University of California-Santa Cruz laboratory. Eventually, officials hope to send him to Sea Life Park on Oahu.

The Hawaiian monk seal population numbers 1,100, and is declining about 4 percent per year though it is hard to tell here on Kauai as they repeatedly return to our beaches to rest and sunbath.  Also in the past few years pups have been born and protected from harm by a great group of volunteers here on Kauai that will stay up all night, round the clock, to assure the pups safety as they are completely defenseless when born and up to 2 months old.   Maybe this Bad Boy is the reason we are having so much Hawaiian Monk Seal activity here on Kauai!!!