Kauai Update

Garden Pond in Kukuiula

02 Nov Kauai Update

Recession Fears Eased

According to Consumer News and Advice, the economy grew 2.5% in 3 months ending in September 30th. easing fears that the nation would fall into a second recession.  Great new for Hawaii and we have seen a steady increase in visitors to Kauai and with  future bookings in Poipu.

How Could They???

Our Senator Daniel Inouye is a victim of credit card fraud.  A couple used his credit card number to buy over $12,000 worth of Wal Mart gift cards plus other merchandise.  What dummies.  Senator Inouye is pretty well known in these parts and I am pretty sure that someone should have caught on sooner.  $12,000 at Wal Mart!!!  Give me a break.

Japan Tsunami Junk

Up to 20 million toms of tsunami debri is floating from Japan to Hawaii and could arrive on Hawaii shores by early 2013. Researchers estimate the debris field to be about 2000 miles long and 1000 miles wide.  Scientists want boaters venturing in the area of the debris to send them details about what they see.  They feel this is an unwanted visitor to Hawaii shores and are already planning action for the future event.

Maryland Millionaire

You are more likely to meet a millionaire in Maryland than Hawaii according to Phoenix Marketing International.  The company issued its annual Global Wealth Monitor Report that tracks affluence in the US, Canada and Europe.    Hawaii had led the rankings since 2008.  Good to know.  Also the number of millionaires in Hawaii has increased since last year.  So I guess if you want to meet an millionare you could vacation in either Maryland or Hawaii. Hmmmmmm  Doesn’t seem like a very hard choice to me,especially in the winter.

Kauai Real Estate Update

Two ocean front listings have gone under contract on Spouting Horn Road.  We haven’t seen much action on the ocean front listings and it is good to see sales starting again in the high end area.  Condo sales continue to be slower than last year.   With the stock market all over the place these days, folks just aren’t feeling as rich as they might.  I know there is a lot of money on the sidelines just waiting for the perfect opportunity to purchase. It is truly the time to buy here in Poipu.  I have new listings in  Kukuiula and that development continues to upgrade and improve its landscaping and amenities.  It is truly a site to be seen at sunrise or sunset for that matter. Please feel free to give me a call for more information. Becky Supon 808-651-9271