Pacific Ocean Properties Real Estate News and Updates.

03 Aug Pacific Ocean Properties Real Estate News and Updates.

Kauai Study of Drowning released

A  10 year study of drowning on Kauai by Dr. Charles Blay, a geologist, naturalist and educator at TEOK Investigations in Po‘ipu, said more than 300 drownings have occurred on Kaua‘i over four decades, not to mention all the unreported near-drownings. He attributes a high ratio of visitor deaths — three-fourths, with the average age 46.2 and 85 percent male — to a lack of foreknowledge on specific beach hazards. “When the waves, currents and shoreline features vary so much, it makes no sense to use generic approaches, like standard warning signs in a water safety program,” Blay said in a recent interview.  Locals use the expression, ” when in doubt, don’t go out” but for visitor who are unfamiliar with the ocean and its currents this doesn’t apply because they just don’t know any better.

The most common pocket beaches have energetic wave conditions, while the milder Westside strandline beaches also have variable wave conditions. Na Pali Coast on the North Shore makes a rescue difficult with its steep cliffs; powerful waves during the winter months have washed away people walking on the shoreline. Walking on wet reef platforms is always a bad idea.  There is a reason it is wet and that is because waves have reached up that far, even if it doesn’t look that way this moment

The report illustrates how a generic approach to water safety does not address site specific dangers. Examples include different types of locations where many drownings occur. Queen’s Bath is a remote feature of northern Kaua‘i, touted in guidebooks as a destination of special beauty, which it is.  It just won another award as best place to swim on Kauai except that during the winter months, when wave activity is fierce, people have drowned for not anticipating the danger of getting washed off the rocks and into the ocean.

In contrast, Po‘ipu Beach in the south is world famous for its sandy beaches and gentler slopes. It has the largest concentration of lifeguards along a resort-saturated coastline. Yet, the sheer numbers of people involved in various water activities has given Po‘ipu Beach the highest increase of drownings, according to Blay.  36 people have drowned in Poipu in the last 10 years, though when you compare that to any other way folks can be killed on a vacation, your chances of not drowning are pretty darn good.  Hanakapiai Beach had 29 drownings during the same period,l making it the most deadly beach on Kauai  and you have to hike 2 miles in on the Kalalau Trail to even get to this  beach. Kipu Falls has had 5 deaths in 5 years making it the most deadly waterfall ever.

In an effort to better inform the public, several internet site provide surf conditions.  Try this site for updated surf conditions and reports.

Commerical boat license feud ended in Hanalei

The feud between commercial tour boat owners and the Kauai government has ended the 11 year battle.   The changes to Section 13-256-39 of the Hawai‘i Administrative Rules are expected to have broad impacts to recreational and commercial marine vessel operations in Hanalei Bay and Hanalei River.

The amendment limits to up to five the number of commercial use permits for self-propelled vessels that can load and unload at Hanalei Bay. Priority will be given to the companies that held a commercial permit and operated under such permit in November 2000. But the number of allowable permits could drop to three, because 2 of the 5 companies that wanted them have gone out of business in the 11 years they had to wait for the permits. .Kayak tours will be limited to two commercial use permits for the Hanalei launch ramp.   Also regulated are surfing lessons and requirements for surfing instructors, Stand up paddle boarders, commercial kayak tours, canoe rides, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, sailboarding and other water-related recreational activities.  For those of us that remember 2000 when Hanalei Bay had so many zodiac tours going right out from the shore, it was like a highway, these regulations are a good thing.  But the wait from 2000 to 2011 for these regulations to be passed shows just how slowly things can move on Kauai.

Local girl make it to “Faces in the Crowd” in Sports Illustrated.

Leila Hurst a recent graduate from Kapaa High School made it to “Faces in the Crowd” section in Sport’s Illustrated that features new and upcoming  athletes.  Leila won the open women’s division at the NSSA nationals, her fifth national title.  Last month she won silver at the Quiksilver USA Championship and in May she won the Volcom VQS event in Southern California.  Congratulation, Leila.  You go girl!!!

Real Estate Update

More condos and homes put under contract, or contingent than sold this last 2 weeks.  Most sales prices still under the $500,000 mark which means the higher end is still stagnant.  There is still much negotiation happening with most sales and REOs and short sales are still making up the majority of sales at this point in time. However, summer is often a slow period for the higher end sales which tend to occur in the winter months.  See attached spreadsheet for the most current information.  Sales and contingent sales for the Poipu, Kalaheo areas from July 15, 2011 to August 1, 2011.