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16 Jun Go Surfing

Poipu has some of the best surf spots on the island.  Normally we get the biggest “south swell” in the summer but really there  is surfing here all year round.  Here are jsut some of our local surf spots.  Enjoy but remember, when in doubt, don’t go out.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

Allerton’s This spot is named after the landowner that had exclusive rights of access to this beach. this break is known for its perfect beach break barrels, sand bottom and very limited crowds. Entry by fishing trail at Spouting Horn only!
Kukuiula Harbor This small boat harbor has just outside its break wall a submerged live coral reef that generates a nice hollow right hander and a mellow surfable left. Very fickle and must be checked to know if it is good enough. Usually only a few people catch this spot good. But when it’s good it’s good. Watch out for the inside reef on the right — very sneaky.

Heroin’s This spot is well named. Known for its large gapping, square toobs that break on only inches of water with dry land just yards away. A right only! This wave does not come recommended at all to surfers with the exception of a few pros and highly cautionary for bodyboarders. High skill level mandatory! Good during the summer months on a south or southwest swell.

Acid Drop Don’t let this spot fool you. Located just yards from Heroin’s and near the Lawai Beach this spot looks easy from the shore but is “acid” when you\’re out. The right is a hollow, powerful grinder that begins with an “Acid Drop.” When this spot is doing its thing in the summer months it can be “nuts” and a little localized.

Centers Located near Acid Drop and the famous PK’s in fact it is centralized between the two. This spot sports a really nice right. Not really known for its tube rides but believe me it does produce some. Breaks on a shelf and works its way over a very shallow reef. Be careful not to ride it too far. The left is for the more courageous. A little less predictable and much easier to get caught inside. Summer spot.

PK’s One of the best all around surfing spots on the south side of Kauai. This spot offers a really nice relative easy take off on the outside left then reforms to a ripable inside right. Also over reef but not too shallow. When it’s big, 8 feet or larger, the take off spot transforms into “smokies” and gets a little harrier. Located directly in front of Prince Kuhio Condos.

Bazookas This wave is just in front of baby beach, east of PK’s. The wave goes from thirty feet of water then hits a shelf at about 5 feet and jacks up. Very short lefts with a hard take off and a short ride. Fun for more experienced bodyboarders. Great, hard hitting, fast barrel.

Cow’s Ass This spot is only good when it is big, and I mean big. At least 12 foot faces are needed to get this wave going. The left starts off on a really shallow clam shell type take off but then walls up and reels over a deeper flat reef, hence the need for some size. Not well known for getting pitted but a really fun, workable surfers wave. Large south swell needed in the summer months. Located outside of Koloa landing.

Cow’s Head Named after the coral head that looks like a “Cow’s Head.” This right hander is fun when it’s average sized to giant. The bigger it gets the more hollow it will be. Ask a local how to get out — this will save you some trouble.

Helicopters Located just east and inside of Cow’s Head this is just a really fun right. Relatively short ride but also has a really short paddle back out. Really fun for surfers and bodyboarders alike. Again a reef bottom but not too bad. The place to go if you want to catch a lot of waves in a short time. Named helicopters because of an old heliport that was once located just inside the break.

First Break The first place to break on the south side. This is a right and left that works well from about head high but does much better when its bigger. The right breaks off of some submerged boulders and breaks along the edge of the reef and channel. Great wave for big turns and round cutbacks. The left on the other hand is only surfed by those with really big gonads. Only does its thang when its large and in charge. Shallow water with boulders appearing frequently and super hollow long left-had barrels. The only left in Poipu that can compare with Bali.

Lemon Drops Poipu’s “baby” wave. Perfect for beginners but a little too slow for serious surfers.

Waiohai Rights and lefts that are really fun all summer long. Very gentile wave for Kauai waters but please be very careful of the inside reef. Located in front of the Waiohai hotel.

Left Lefts This left hander can be really nice at times for the waterman family. Gentle take off near a submerged boulder pile with a nice long ride into a deep water bay.

Nukumoi Point This right and left-hand point break is one of the least surfed spots on the south shore of Kauai and for good reason. This wave comes from deep water and hits a really shallow reef ledge and jacks up and just grinds over coral and exposed boulders. Don’t even think about straightening out because you can’t without running into the pointed lava formed rocks. Not recommended for anyone but experienced surfers and bodyboarders. I also claim rights to this spot because I work at the island famous Nukumoi Surf Company. See you on my lunch break.

Brennecke’s Beach This spot is world-famous for family water fun at the beach. This beach break is good all year long. Breaks on mostly sand bottom with a few rocks and a nice white sand beach. Great for boogie boarders and body surfers alike. Sorry no surfing.

Ship Wrecks Great for body surfing and surfing.  A local  favorite.  Located right in front of the Hyatt.  Be careful here. It has a coral base and you could get reefed.