Kauai Top#5 Favorite on Travelocity

17 May Kauai Top#5 Favorite on Travelocity

Hawaii takes 4 out of 10 positions on the TOP TEN FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATIONS FOR SUMMER

Hawaii’s beaches are among the top summer destinations for families, according to a Travelocity booking data review released in advance of Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. That’s sure to be music to visitor industry players’ ears and bottom lines.

Orlando, Fla., and Cancun, Mexico, were ranked Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, but Travelocity explains that Honolulu, at No. 3, was only one of the four Hawaii destinations in the top 10. Travelocity points out that “getting to the world-famous Waikiki (is) a breeze” since direct-to-Honolulu flights can be had from many mainland markets. (it calls them “U.S. cities” as if Hawaii is not part of the U.S.?) Now getting to the outer island is also a breeze with new flights from Alaska Airlines, United, US Airways and of course Hawaiian. Maui is ranked the No. 4 summer destination for families, despite it being known as a famous honeymoon spot.

The No. 5 spot on the Travelocity summer-travel-for-families list is occupied by Kauai, which it describes as the “perfect island choice for active families and nature lovers.” so true, so true!

The fourth Hawaii destination is Kona, at No. 7. The rest of the top 10 is composed of No. 6, the Bahamas; No. 8, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; No. 9, Turks and Caicos; and No. 10, the Dominican Republic. but who cares. Hawaii took 4 positions out of the top ten.  Can’t beat Hawaii, our water is safe to drink and swim in, the air is clean, the dollar works and we love our visitors.


Kauai Foreclosures Rate has fallen for 5 straight month.

Kauai foreclosures have fallen for the last five months though experts say the decline continues to be an artificial depression due to several major lender holding back on new filings after their loan documentation practices have been called into questions.  A foreclosures reform bill became law here in Hawaii last week which creates protection for homeowners  against foreclosure and the improper case documentation by “foreclosure specialists” that have been in the news recently.  This new law does not stop foreclosures already in process or put a moratorium on starting a foreclosure but does give more time to allow for loan modification, short sales and alternatives to a  foreclosure.