Tsunami Scare

18 Mar Tsunami Scare

Friday morning started very early for all Kauai residents and guests.  In fact it actually started late Thursday night when the civil defense sirens went off around 10:30 PM and every resident on Kauai received a recorded message saying that Japan had been rocked by a 8.9 earthquake and a 6 foot tsunami was headed our way, arriving about 3:00 AM.  People that don’t understand how a tsunami works think that six feet isn’t so high, but they’d be wrong, very wrong.  A six foot wall of water arriving at about 500 miles per hour is total devastation on a grand scale.  You only have to look at the film clips coming out of Japan now to see just how a tsunami works.  The ocean just keeps coming and coming.  It takes out anything in it path.  We are so fortunate to have dodged this bullet. Here is a video clip on Lawai Loa Bay in Allerton Garden during our little tsunami.  The bridge in this clip is no longer operational and will have to be rebuilt.  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuIXJphf54k]

 Our economy can not have withstood this kind of attack.  As it is now, we are slowly recovering from the economic downturn that started with the meltdown on Wall Street in September 2008.  People are interested in purchasing investment and second homes and condominiums again.  The banks are still making getting a loan difficult though not as impossible as previously  but for the cash buyer there are opportunities galore. Our tourists numbers are way up over last year.  Oahu will be taking a hit on tourism numbers now that the Japanese won’t be traveling for awhile.  However, Kauai has never been that attractive to the Japanese so our occupancy rates should remain stable.

Two new listings in Kiahuna that deserve attention, #102 and #57.  Both are Garden View Deluxe units that have been upgraded and both are within walking distance to Kiahuna’s famous white sand crescent beach.  Also a new listing in Kukui’ula, Lot #74 with purchase price inclusive of working drawings for construction of a 3,400 square foot Plantation Style home complete with pool and fire pit, plus landscaping plan and model all approved by the design committee of Kukui’ula.  This  large lot is located on the 2nd fairway of the Kukui’ula Golf Course.  All you need is a builder and you could be enjoying island life here on Kauai within the year. 

Disasters like the earth quake and resulting tsunami in Japan makes me grateful for where I live and my thoughts, prayers and money are going to Japan to help with their healing and rebuilding.