Kauai residents watch humpback whale being born.

24 Feb Kauai residents watch humpback whale being born.

Kauai residents were surprised to witness a humpback whale giving birth at Whalers Cove in Poipu over the weekend.

mama and baby humpback

A Whalers Cove Resort pool technician on Saturday saw the whale give birth while an adult whale paced back and forth protecting the newborn. The mother whale gently pushed the newborn up as if to show the baby to the world.

Whalers Cove general manager Marianne Martin told The Garden Island newspaper the whale was so large that onlookers wondered how she could turn around inside the small cove.

The whales stayed inside the cove and surrounding area for a couple hours.

About 12,000 humpback whales migrate to Hawaii waters to breed and calve every winter after spending the summer feeding in northern waters.

Real estate continues to improve here on Kauai though it is still very much a Buyers market.  Interest rates remain low and tourism is up.  I think we are so crowded this year because of the extreme weather on the mainland and the  fact that Mexico is in such a mess.  Wouldn’t you rather come to Kauai and watch humpbacks being born than be robbed a gunpoint. ALOHAAAAAA