Hawaiian Airlines Mileage Program Expands

12 Feb Hawaiian Airlines Mileage Program Expands

Hawaiian airlines has upgraded its long standing HawiianMiles frequent flyer program to include an expanded network of national merchants as partners that gives members more opportunity to earn miles. They are redesigning their website (www.hawaiianair.com) to add a host of features, including a downloadable toolbar that lets members earn miles just for searching for items they’d normally Google. The cap for those miles is 5000 per month. Still that is almost a one way ticket to Kauai or Honolulu. There is also a “gift card mall” where members can earn miles for buying gift cards from big name retailers or buy shopping online via Hawaiian’s eMarket. Since Hawaiian Airlines is one of the airlines with direct flights to Hawaii and especially Kauai, this is a good way to earn free tickets. Imagine earning a trip to Kauai just buy shopping.

The arrival of nearly 800 Chinese visitors on the first ever nonstop flight from Bejing was a complete success. China accounts for 5.2% of the world travel in 2009 with 47 million outbound tourists. Hawaii saw 67,000 of those visitors in 2010 but expects and 10% increase in those numbers yearly for the next 5 years. The Chinese have also proven to be big spenders while on vacation to the tune of $360 per day out spending the Japanese by $100.00 per day. There is a lot of potential in this new market

Update on Kauai: woman hits Kilohana sign at 3:30 am and totals it. That sign has stood in front of the Kilohana driveway for 25 years. It was a landmark. Guess it is just time to rebuild another one.