Andy Irons, top Kauai surfers dies at 32

12 Nov Andy Irons, top Kauai surfers dies at 32

This is just too awful to have actually happened.  Andy Irons, on his way back from a surfing competition in Puerto Rico died in his hotel room in Dallas, Texas.  Apparently, though there are really some questions about what really happened, Andy had Dengue Fever and was too sick to board the American Airline flight to get home to Kauai.  One report said the airline asked him to leave the flight and walked him off the plane, this, of course the airline denies.  Whatever happened at the airport, Andy made it to the airport Hyatt, checked in, asked for a wake up call and when he repeatedly failed to answer the call, the hotel sent someone up to wake him.  He didn’t answer the door and when they had security open the door, they found him not breathing in bed.  He was pronounced dead but the  actual cause 0f death has not been determined. His family and friends here on Kauai and all over the world are completely devastated.  He was only 32 years old and though he hadn’t won a contest in just a few years, he felt he was coming back.  There is a great video made by Andy Irons.  I will try to add it to my next post.  So sad, so very sad.