Largest Land Owners that make a difference

06 Oct Largest Land Owners that make a difference

The Robinson Family were featured in an article on MSNBC Real Estate on the to 10 Land Owners in the US that have made a difference.
” The Robinson family (103,000 acres)

Ni’ihau is the smallest, inhabited Hawaiian island. It also is privately owned.

In 1864, a well-to-do Scottish woman, Elizabeth Sinclair, purchased Ni’ihau from the Kingdom of Hawaii, paying $10,000 in gold. The island was passed to her descendants, the Robinson family.

The Hawaiian language has been kept alive on Ni’ihau – the only Hawaiian island where the native tongue is still primarily used. Tourists can visit Ni’ihau only for a half-day, enjoying helicopter tours and hunting safaris. Brothers Bruce and Keith Robinson are the owners.

“It sounds like something right out of British nobility – that someone owns an island and limits access to it,” O’Keefe said.

“But these people (the Robinson’s and other mega-land owners) have their own kingdoms whether they’re surrounded by water or barbed wire or natural impediments. These people are able to leave their imprint on enormous swaths of our country. And I’m not so sure that that’s not an amazing part of our legacy.”
That’s right, I agree with this article. Plus, if you ever get the chance to take a tour of Niihau, either by boat or by helicopter, do it as it is amazing. I was lucky enough to go by helicopter and actually get to swim and lay on the beach. AWESOME. We found glass balls and sunrise shells. It was the most glorious day.