Kalalau to be closed for 2 months

17 Jun Kalalau to be closed for 2 months

One of the most beautiful spots on this earth will be closed for 2 months starting in September for maintenance.  That is bad news for the 40 or so local “residents” that call Kalalua home.  The trail into Kalalau is 11 miles of up and down, a 12 inch trail with part of it right on the edge of the cliffs.  It is not for the faint of heart.  However to achieve getting into Kalalau is really one of the wonders that should be experienced at least once in this lifetime.  I, myself, have hiked in twice and kayaked in once.  I have friends that go in every summer.  Our Kauai born and raised kids have almost all gone into Kalalau at some point.  The beach is absolutely fabulous though the current  can be strong and the waves huge.  It has a waterfall for a shower and composting toilets that use leaves to speed the process.  Up Kalalau Stream are the slippery slides and waterfalls.  A quick swim away is Hanapu, another breathtaking beach.  There is also a large cavern that is sometimes filled with fresh water to swim in.  Other times it is filled with sand.  You can fish, explore, sunbathe, and truly relax as cell phones don’t work in there.  A great place to escape and people have been doing it for years.  They scheduled the repair for September so as not to interfere with the summer playtime.  Should be done by the end of November but will see how that goes.  While they are working on the , they will not be allowing any hikers in, which is really going to make some folks quite angry.  Will just have to wait and see what happens.