May 23 Cellphone use restriction starts on Kauai

06 May May 23 Cellphone use restriction starts on Kauai

May 23, 2010 a lot of people here on Kauai, including me, will have to change the way they communicate while driving.  No more talking on your cell and no texting while driving which simply makes sense.  We have seen an increase in car accidents and fatalities here on Kauai that are not related to drug or alcohol use.  In fact the last 3 accidents happened in the middle of the day.  It safe to say that concentrating on driving is a good thing,  but how many of us want to get on the phone the minute we get in the car.  We are alone, its private and quiet.  It makes the time pass faster as you are driving on errands, shopping, going to the dentist or anywhere else.  But it is a nuisance.  I saw this car coming at me the other day with no driver, that’s right, no driver in the driver seat.  She actually was there but had dropped her cell phone on the passenger side floor and was leaned over looking for it while driving straight at me.  I had to drop my phone to honk at her.  No kidding, cell phone use in the car is addictive but clearly not in anyone self interest.  May 23, watch out because our Kauai Police Department will be everywhere looking for anyone on their phone in their car!!!!!!