The BIG Screen at the Beach

15 Apr The BIG Screen at the Beach

Finally we are getting a big screen here in Poipu.  You just have to bring your own beach chair.  The Poipu Resort Association has agreed to co-produce this fun event of family entertainment right down at the Poipu Beach Park.  This has been tried on the beach at Waikiki to great success.  What a nice way to spend an evening!  First watch the sun set right into the Pacific Ocean, then turn your attention to the big screen and get ready for the movie to begin.  Tentative dates for the movies are June 18, July 16, and August 20.  This will be a trial period.  If attendance is good and the event is somewhat profitable it will continue.

According the Bank Of Hawaii, Hawaii’s economic recovery has begun.  This article was published in the Poipu Beach News, a newsletter from the Poipu Beach Resort Association. ” Employment is stabilizing and many sectors will begin to make modest gains in employment as the year progresses.  Visitor arrivals and spending will continue to firm.”  This is all good and we have seen a real increase in occupancy here in the Poipu area over last year.  Kauai continues to spread its magic to anyone lucky enough to be here.