Kiahuna Homeowners here for meetings

30 Apr Kiahuna Homeowners here for meetings

I love it when the homeowner for Kiahuna Plantation roll into town.  They are an industrious bunch and really crack the whip around here to make sure that Kiahuna retains it elegance and peaceful nature.  Of course, everyone at Kiahuna works hard, you couldn’t have 34 acres of lush gardens, lily pond and palm trees look so good all the time.  As a gardener myself, I am constantly amazed at the way the gardens change and are so immaculately maintained.  Both Castle and Outrigger keep Kiahuna running like the quaint, plantation style resort of olden days.  Trade winds cool the rooms, the  beach is perfect and the weather fine. Kiahuna means “special place” in Hawaiian and it is a grand old dame of a resort. It has weathered all the changes in technology, weather, surf and everything else that time has thrown at it with dignity and grace.  It may look easy but it isn’t.  Congratulation Kiahuna Plantation for maintaining that “old style aloha” that keeps Kauai special.