New Deli comes to Koloa

31 Mar New Deli comes to Koloa

New deli coming to Koloa
March 29, 2010 by pacificoceanproperties
Hooray, an Italian deli is coming to Koloa. Ron Magrin, a high-end contactor here on Kauai, has a very interesting side line. He is remodeling the old video store in Koloa, right next to The Wine Shop and opening an Italian deli. He plans to have fresh-baked bread, high quality deli meats and cheeses, plus salads, pasta and much more. He plans on having a pasta take out which would include lasagna or the main dish of choice, salad with fresh bread from around $12.00. Now you can stop at the Wine Shop and get a bottle of your favorite wine, and just walk next door to pick up your hot dinner and you are all set to enjoy a great meal at a great price. Plus if you take it to the beach to eat and watch the sunset, you will have a top of the line dining experience at a price that anyone can afford.