Aloha from sunny Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii!

01 Mar Aloha from sunny Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii!

We certainly dodged a bullet yesterday!!!  The forecasted tsunami caused by the 8.8 earthquake in Chili was not nearly as big as predicted.  We did have quite a surge but no great big waves.  The whole Poipu  coastline is in a tsunami zone and evacuted without incidence.  The Koloa Chevron did run out of gas by 7:00 AM and Big Save ran out of water and batteries but other than that, everything was fine.  We had plenty of warning, in fact the phone started ringing about 4:30 AM with warning calls from friends and family on the mainland that had already heard about the tsunami on their morning newscast.  The siren sounded at 6:00 AM which was sure to scare the tourists sleeping soundly in their homes and condos unaware of why or what the siren was screeching about.  Our emergency broadcast system worked beautifully with each resident getting several phone calls explaining the warning and what actions were necessary.  We had friends staying in  oceanfront homes and they came up to our house  on high ground with their suitcases, food and drink.  We were glued to the TV, watching the webcam of Waikiki and Hilo Harbor.  Though we feared the worst, especially when the water receded to rapidly from the coastline only to come rushing back in the next instance in a surge.  Surge but no wall of water.  Here on Kauai we take our storms very seriously and know that the outcome of that earthquake could have been very different.  We are thankful that this tsunami was a non-event.  And our prayers are with all those suffering in Chili.